Wizard GFX - Blender [Improved]

Hey devs.
it has been a long time since i posted
i hope you enjoy this one, please leave an feedback if you enjoyed.


I like the GFX, but the character doesn’t really fit with the background, overall pretty good though.


8/10! Looks good :+1:

The only thing I would do is make the character look more like a wizard because I think it doesn’t really look like one, other then the glowing orb.

It’s quite decent! Overall I’d suggest making the background/floor a part of the blender scene, as it is currently very obvious the character doesn’t belong/fit well with that background, but still great work!

It’s alright


I think that the background should be 3D instead of 2D.

Change the material of the Wizard Spell Thingy to neon instead of shining a really bright light on it.

Make it darker so it would allow the Wizard Spell Thingy look brighter and nicer.

I would also take the torch away, it makes another part of the picture brighter when the Wizard Spell Thingy should be giving off all the light.

Also the character shouldn’t be looking off to the side like that, he should either be looking at the Wizard Spell Thingy or the camera.

Hope this helps!

Looks awesome! Good job but maybe try changing the material of the spell to neon!