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Hi there! I’m bobsniy, a big development enthusiast who (like everyone) has some great ideas on my mind but I can’t make them real since it takes a lot of money to make a quality product, but wait before closing the post and look at this, whether you are a very good developer or not.

Looking at the recently released game “Combat Rift” and being a Harry Potter fan I thought “it would be a great idea to make a similar game but with wizards”


The Team
Im looking for (2) low poly modelers, (1) scripter, (1) animator, i will do UIs and setup all models in a build.

About The Game

The game will consist of equipping your wand and killing wizards, goblins and everything else you can find on Harry Potter, by killing them you can find stronger wands, equip to do more damage and fill the backpack with “Mana” which will then be sold to receive coins and unlock new areas

(**Please believe strongly in me, when I need robux for ads and graphics I can provide them in the shortest possible time, moreover in a few days I am providing a lot of robux which will also act as backup in case the game fails, we will also have some famous investors and youtubers **)


Modelers = 15% x 1 (30%)
Animator= 10%
Scripter= 40%
Me= 20%

Contact Us

You must be 13y.o and have a good portfolio for apply.

Sythm#1504 (thanks for applying)

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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