Wizard Rift | Hiring Developers (% - 70K in ads)

Magical Productions is hiring all types of developers

At the moment I decided to start a project that I have dreamed of for a long time, but that I have never been able to realize due to the lack of funds, the project in question has the same concept of this, but entirely with a magic theme, wizard with a incredible atmosphere, there will be several areas to fight wizards.

  • wizards will drop magic wands of different rarities, each area different types of wands

  • They will also give mana, which will be salable to buy new brooms which will increase the collectible mana.

  • There will be different ranks, ranging from Newbie Wizard, to Potter

  • There will be potions too, for enchant wands and new spells to cast


  • Skilled and willing developers
  • With a good portfolio, if you don’t have a portfolio you will be rejected

Who we need

  • Builder / Modeler | Build the entire map (around 10 zones for the release)
    40% + 1k R$

  • VFX Designer | For Spells
    5% + 500 R$

  • SFX Designer | For Spells and ui sounds
    5% - 500 R$

  • Clothing Modeler - Model wizard clothes, 1 cloth per zone (10 in total)
    (that one can be 2D clothing too, but better if 3D)
    10% + 1,000 R$

  • Animator | Animate spells animations (enemy and non)
    2% + 500 R$ (just one simple animation)

Im an UI Designer, and modeler.

im looking too for someone who can help with funds, for a better game!

you’re interested, nice!
Ryän#3576 contact me on discord.


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