Woah!? Is the floor disappearing? - Looking for feedback on Spleef Battles

Hey All!

I have been working on a small project on my own I named Spleef Battles. This game is currently in ALPHA and being actively worked on (It’s only been a week since I started working on it), and I would really like some feedback on it.

Every developer knows what their game is like from their perspective… they are the ones who made it after all, but I want to see what it’s like for the average player, if they enjoy it, what they want to see get added, if they can find any bugs I somehow missed while testing.

What’s in the game right now?

  • 6 Game Modes
    • Normal Mode (Classic Spleef)
    • Intense Mode (Player is Slower and Tiles Disappear Faster)
    • Donut Mode (Donuts Shrink Beneath you and Each Player Gets a Donut Weapon)
    • Sword Mode (Classic Spleef With Swords to Battle With)
    • Layered Mode (Classic Spleef With 3 Layers to the Spleef Floor - Not Just 1)
    • Rising Lava Mode (Classic Spleef Except the Lava Rises as you Race to the Top)
  • Win and Coin Currency
  • 100 Wins Access Door
  • Up-gradable Weapons (Sword and Donut)
  • Saving Data (All Upgrades on Weapons Save, Coins Save, and Wins Save)

What’s coming upon full release (next week or so)

  • 2 New Game Modes
    • TNT Mode (Random TNT Drops in Arena Destroying the Floor Below You)
    • Shovel Mode (Players Get Shovels to Dig out the Floor - Up-gradable as well)
      (Kind of like Minecraft Spleef - SHovels and its upgrades will save as wll)
  • 600 and 1,500 Win Access Doors
  • The Sabotage Machine (Players not in-round can use it to ink other players screens in-round, spin the tiles, make the tiles slippery ice, etc.)
  • The Pro Server (Players with 1,000+ Wins can Battle Each Other in a server with higher stakes and rewards)

Known Major Bugs

  • Hitting AFK After Intermission Hits 0 Before Teleportation puts player in round, but doesn’t teleport them into the arena (working on fix)
  • Sometimes if a player Resets in Lobby their AFK and Upgrade Window buttons don’t come back
  • The Donut weapon doesn’t load in for upgrades 2 and 3, and only loads in a brick for the initial default weapon.

Link to game:

Anyways, if you decide to help me test out the game and provide feedback, then thank you so much, all positive and constructive criticism is welcome :slight_smile:

And as of right now there is no icon or thumbnail for the game, my GFX Artist is currently working on those :wink:


You might want to hide the lava if there is no round starting or progressing to avoid confusing players - they may think there is a round happening.

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Okay, thanks for the advice! I’ll be sure to do that!

Hey! I used to play spleef all the time when it was still popular, so I decided to try yours out, and I have some notes for ya:

The lava doesnt kill / parts don’t actually break when you stand on them / don’t move + if you are using the levitation animation pack it doesn’t do anything, I’m fairly certain you’re just detecting parts on touch, maybe try checking the distance between the player and lava at an interval?
Secondly, the original spleef gamemode is very much movement based. I was surprised when I saw that the normal gamemode had me going that slowly. I think it’d be more interesting of a game if you allowed jumping + moving around faster, just for more interesting gameplay?

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Thank you so much for your feedback! I agree with you, actually right before reading this I putting together a new spleef system in my head to use rather than just detecting touch, the lava does kill, but glitches out sometimes due to a debounce put on it (I will remove that).

I appreciate all of your feedback and it will go into the re-design of this game as development continues!

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