Wolves World: accessories for rider wolves

I have been working and drawing on accessories for rider wolves for my game idea called wolves World.like with the accessories for wolfdogs,these accessories are destined for rider wolves and so after drawing them I had them photoscanned. The quality is not the best, so be aware of it. Here are some pictures of the drawings.

So these accessories are for rider wolves only. And like the accessories for wolfdogs, they should stay that way to avoid mixing up the saddles that might be accidentally be put on wolfdogs. That’s all I can tell and present to you all.

Hope you have a good day.

With regard acecombat606.


Leave me your suggestions, thoughts and constructive criticism on my topic.

These drawings look good! The cap and visor cap are a bit basic though, I think you could add more detail or make them different to make them look better.

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Thanks for your help,I Will keep it in mind when I my mind is clean and fresh.