Wolves World: horse wolf appearance

I am working on a list of recommendations for the appearance of the horse wolf for wolves World.as you now know by my art post, the horse wolf is rider Wolf species that will be the second playable character for my game. Here is my list of recommendations for making the horse wolf for wolves World:

Appearance of the horse wolf:

Head: a draft horse head (most likely Clydesdale, Percheron,Gypsy vanner, shire etc.).

Teeth: wolf teeth with lip outlines.

Eyes: wolf eyes.

Body: wolf/horse body.

Tail: wolf tail.

Legs: wolf legs.

Fur: wolf fur and horse manes.

Feet: wolf paws with pads.

Sound: wolf sounds.

Coat Color: players choice.

Size: draft horse (jutlander size).

And now here is the reference:

Though this art is already posted on the wolf species topic, I just wanted to make sure that anyone making wolf species for wolves World should take notice. That’s all I can tell and present to you.

Hope you have a good day.

With regard acecombat606.

wait can you make your lines a bit darker cause i can’t see anything in your drawing lol


Ok, I will tomorrow improve the lines of my art so I can photoscan it for topic improvements. Is that ok for you?

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okay ! (uh i’m writing random things because i need more than 5 letters to answer lol)


It’s ok, I will keep it in mind for topic improvements.

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Looks good. Nice job on this drawing!

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