Wondering how to achieve ring rising aura effect

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    I really have no pictures which make this difficult to explain but I’m wondering how to make rings appear around a part and move up while fading. almost like a particle emitter but its more organized as a single ring being emitted per second
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    I honestly have no idea where to even start, I would imagine if was able to make a system where parts constantly move up at the same rate I could make a circle of those.
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let me understand your question a bit better
you kind of want an effect like this?


Yes with the top like fading away, maybe an alternate version where it doesnt grow aswell

You mean like a pulse kind of Particle effect??

if you want what @seanieplays was suggesting as a particle effect, then get a particle emitter, change the color/texture to what you want, set the size and rate to what you want, all that. Make it’s spread angle 0, emit from the top, so it always comes out of the same spot from the top. Then, go to the transparency, and make the number graph thing a straight line upwards, so it fades away over time. To the same thing with the size value (but less so because the high values on that graph are really high) and make it so it gets bigger over time. That way, as it rises, it should get bigger and also fade.

Beams do this really well… here is a tutorial: