Wonderland Changelog - 20w49-a1


Hey folks ! Today has been released a new update of Wonderland ! I really hope you will enjoy what is shown in here !


  • Made the UI system


  • Made the Spawn Instance system

  • Added several tools so as to manipulate any part you want !

  • Added manipulator constraints to make easier the building process

  • Created the Properties tab to modify your parts

This‎ is the result of what I have built :x


  • Fixed bug Wo-000010: Player’s Camera was not positioned properly and was not usable
  • Fixed bug Wo-000011: Resize function was acting weird when Basepart.Orientation ~= Vector3.new(0, 0, 0)
  • Fixed bug Wo-000012: Transparency and Reflectance were not properly editable
  • Fixed bug Wo-000013: Removed preset-packages (because this was ugly ._.)
  • Fixed bug Wo-000014:Used another method to create parts (less lagg and easier)
  • Fixed bug Wo-000015: Attempted to find a non-existing folder so a script broke

Well, that’s it for the changelog ! We are still working on the game and actively so as to provide as fast as we can (but quality is better than amount :slight_smile:) new updates to fix bugs, … Hope you liked our presentation !

This game is inspired by other games that will be listed.

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