Won't let me drag UI

I’m still learning on how to do other stuff on Roblox Studio but right now, I’m adding some UIs for my game and for some reason, I can’t drag them after a while and it’s starting to annoy me. I don’t want to type the position just to make it perfect or whatever.

Please help me because I don’t want to lose motivation just because I can’t even drag a UI.

Could you record a video of what you mean? Sometimes for me studio just won’t let me click UI and I have to restart studio.


Sounds like it may be a bug report to make related to the new(ish) UI Editor. Does it fix if you go into the explorer and select the UI element you’re trying to drag?

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Dragging UI is to approximate things. Once you’re more familiar with the UI properties and creation, you’d find the properties window may more intuitive. It’s more precise and has fewer bugs.

If you can’t drag the UI it may be because of these reasons:

  • Constraints, such as UIGrid and UIList layouts
  • Overlays (you have another frame on top of another)

Usually when this happens, all you have to do is restart studio.

This is what I mean about dragging UIs. I just like to drag instead of typing in numbers because Roblox Studio would sometimes center it or whatever.

I’ve done that multiple times but it doesn’t work.

Are you using any plugins that might interfere with anything?

Don’t think so but I’m only using Roundify. I’m only able to drag UIs whenever I add a new UI for some reason.

Sometimes it also happens when there are ScreenGuis in folders. They tend to be a bit stubborn. Try bringing it out of the folder and see what happens.

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