Word Bomb • Commands

General Commands

These commands can be used game-wide and aren’t restricted to Private Servers.

  1. /version - Tells you the current version of the game.
  2. /stats - Displays a collection of your statistics in the chat.
  3. /flip - Toggles the game’s chat position from the right side to the left side.

Private Server Commands

Most commands you can use as the owner of a Private Server are listed here.

Dictionary Commands

Dictionaries dictate which words are allowed to be used.
You can enable the following dictionaries by using the /dictionary command.

  1. /dictionary english - A vast collection of acceptable English words.
  2. /dictionary pokemon - All Pokémon up to Generation 8.

Prompt Generation Commands

Prompt generators change the way prompts are created.
Most generation types will work using the English dictionary, however not all dictionaries support all generation types.
You can enable the following generation types by using the /generation command.

/generation blanks

  • In the Blanks generation type, extra blank tiles are placed within the prompt.
    These Blank Tile tiles are wild spaces, you can put any letter in them!


/generation shiritori

  • In the Shiritori generation type, the first player receives an empty prompt. This player can type any word in the current dictionary, and it will be accepted.
    After a word has been entered, the next player’s prompt will be the last letters of the previously submitted word.
    If a player explodes, the next player will receive an empty prompt.

    Shiritori Generation

/generation empty

  • In the Empty generation type, no prompt will generate.
    You can type any word in the selected dictionary, and it will be accepted.

    Empty Generation

/generation default

  • You can always return to the standard generation type by using /generation default.
    The Default generation type creates prompts based on their difficulty and the current bomb type. A deadlier bomb will generate more difficult prompts.

Mode Commands

Modes modify how the game plays.
You can enable the following modes by using the /mode command.

/mode default

  • You can always return to the standard mode by using /mode default.
    The Default mode has three bomb types and progressively gets more difficult over time.

/mode hard

  • In the Hard mode, there are only two bomb types, the Black Bomb and the Skull Bomb.
    This mode feels closely to the original Word Bomb v1.0.0 in terms of speed, as the minimum and maximum fuse times of the bomb are much faster.
  • This mode is great to get the faster paced bombs going more quickly rather than waiting around on the slower-paced Black Bomb in the default modes.

/mode bullet

  • In the Bullet mode, there is only one bomb, the Happy Bomb.
    Each turn is only 1-3 seconds long, but the prompts are shorter.
  • This mode is a serious challenge, best suited for players with fast typing speeds.

    Bullet Mode