Word Hunt! [ALMOST RELEASED:tada:]

Unleash your inner word wizard :man_mage: and put your vocabulary to the test with the Word Hunt adventure! Using only 12 randomly-chosen letters, find as many words as you can and outsmart your opponents to claim victory. Play now and see if you have what it takes to be the word master :star_struck:

Are you ready to put your vocabulary to the test? :thinking:Think Scrabble had a baby with a " ___ answers wins " game and boom, you got this bad boy right here. You got 12 letters, a timer, and a whole lotta words to find. The catch? No repeat words, but feel free to use those letters as much as you want. (Note: 2 players minimum to play! :rotating_light:) The player with the most words at the end wins the bragging rights :star_struck:.

I’ve been working on this game for a hot minute :fire: and it’s almost done, I just need to finish up the cosmetics shop and sabotage redeem shop. But before I do that, I need some advice and feedback from the experts (AKA you guys :eyes:) So come on, give it a try and let’s see who the real word master is! :star_struck:

Get ready to have some serious fun with our game!:tada: But wait, before you start playing , don’t forget to report any bugs and give us your feedback for an even more epic gaming experience. :star_struck:

IMAGES (if you're lazy!)

GAME LINK: Word Hunt! [NEW] - Roblox

DIRECT GROUP LINK: isodev - Roblox