Word Search Game Feedback

Hi, I wanted to show you guys on my weekend project for the last month (it’s a word search game, the first on Roblox I think!) and ask for some feedback.

I put in a variety of different topics to start with. Words are randomly scrambled each time you click play. The “Create your own” button doesn’t work yet of course, but I will eventually give players the power to create their own puzzles.

  • Thoughts on the UI? This is what I’m most worried about. It’s barebones because I couldn’t think of a neat design but do you think I should keep the general layout (and make it prettier of course) or go a different direction?
  • I’m thinking the map will be a general hangout area with some greenery, like a park or something. I’m open to ideas here too!

Let me know your thoughts, or what kind of features you’d like to see in the game! :slightly_smiling_face:


the game works great! i agree that the UI could use some work, but i’d also like to suggest that you make the game work similarly to Word Bomb. maybe like a race to the finish of the word search? right now this game doesn’t have a lot of ‘replayability’, so i think that UI improvement along with competitiveness could makes it a whole lot better.

This game is literally big brain* one of the most uniques I’ve seen, well done.

The UI looks fine, but if you were to actually invest on creating a project with this main, I’d suggest to definitely change it, since it doesn’t look very appealing.

And as @redpandashiba said, you could make a game based off of “Word Bomb”, or, “What’s The Word?”. About the map, I don’t really think you should even mention that, since, why a map? From what I’ve seen, the game is gonna be based on the UI, not any external stuff.

I appreciate the feedback, guys!

I’m definitely thinking about a Timed mode!

Yeah. Like I said it’s barebones because unfortunately I haven’t imagined a good design yet :frowning:

Never played those games but this is meant to be more of a chill puzzle game that can double as a hangout, rather than a competitive game with a game loop.

Yeah, that philosophy didn’t go over very well for my other games. Players enjoy 3D space and interacting with a world and with characters, so that’s what I want to incorporate.