Work in Progress FPS Game

Been working on an FPS game lately with a couple of people.
These are some recent screenshots of what we have so far and I’d like some feedback.

Main Menu UI

Currently 3 CQC maps.

  • Metro
  • Courtyard
  • Warehouse


Ok. This looks pretty cool. I like the main menu gui. Very nice. I hope this game has some unique game mechanics.


It’s looks pretty cool. However, if it’s okay with you can you post a video of mechanics: shooting, reloading, etc. However though, by basing off the maps this is 10/10.


This gives me some curiosity and inspiration…
The builds look really good!

But you could improve the lighting for the third image. Right now the lighting looks too consistent for the third one. Try adding more darker spots (don’t make them too dark). I have never been inside a warehouse or storage room where it is that bright.
Also everything looks too new, so you could make some parts rusty, add some old decals on walls, and just make it so the maps don’t seem too new.
I liked the second map the most, though.


This looks sick! Wow, this is awesome. Recommendation - More lighting, it’s super dark currently. In general, great work!

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The buildings and surface gui you added in the first picture really fits out a cool ‘fps’ game, but I have one concern with the last picture… I feel like since the factory is dark, it’s almost too empty - I recommend adding boxes, since they could make the factory complex.

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I’m also in the progress of make a FPS zombie shooter.
Love the menu screen.
Just like @xXHypotheticXx said, make sure it has some sorta unique aspect to make it different from all the other FPS’s

Would be happy to test it out anytime! :slight_smile:

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Love the maps, especially love the main GUI. Epic cool work! My only tiny suggestion is to maybe put the name of the shooter in the main menu if you haven’t thought of that yet?

It looks really great, hope it has unique mechanics to make it stand out, and it has massive potential to be front-page content. Keep it up!

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