Work on a car here is the script for car

hello my friend may a car that i ask but the car cant drive i run it it side script is a error i dont know how to take a picter so here the script local leftwhee1 = script.Parent.Parent.LeftWhee1
local leftwhee2 = script.Parent.Parent.LeftWhee2
local rightwhee1 = script.Parent.Parent.RightWhee1
local rightwhee2 = script.Parent.Parent.RightWhee2
local steer = script.Parent.Parent.Steer
local Speed = 15

leftwhee1.AngularVelocity = Speed * script.Parent.Throttle
leftwhee2.AngularVelocity = Speed * script.Parent.Throttle
rightwhee1.AngularVelocity = Speed * -script.Parent.Throttle
rightwhee2.AngularVelocity = Speed * -script.Parent.Throttle
steer.TargetAngle = 15 * -script.Parent.Steer

please till me if some is worng in sript