Working Computer [TEST]

i Changed Camera Position and Removed RGB and Changed The Play Button


The power button looks too hard to click, and laptops don’t normally have rainbow lights. There’s also too much space in between the keys

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Please remove the RGB lighting. I like the features within the laptop, yet the laptop itself doesn’t appeal to ones eyes. The keys needs some work and are too far apart, also would recommend not using a wallpaper for the laptop as it makes it look weird (possibly preventing copyright).


i only know how to script…
i’m waiting for my friend to come and help me

ok, sure. thank you for letting me know

Very cool! I like it :ok_hand:
The laptop seems a little blocky but that’s fine.

There are laptops that have rainbow lights:

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Looks and feels amazing to use! The buttons look complex but I love how you put effort to the shutdown and startup screen! You can do so much more things with this computer!

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It looks pretty cool but I guarantee if you put more time into this it could turn out even better,

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My Friend @yasiyn Made This For Me :grin:

That’s cool! So I’m guessing this computer will be used for simulators from the look of things.

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