Working Gas Mask Idea

I’m making a post apocalyptic game, and want to add a gas mask feature. I’m usually a builder and don’t do alot of scripting, so how could I go about this?

My idea is to have it be a tool that the character would put on. The radiation zones could be a part that slowly damages the player. Then maybe make a script that reads when the gas mask has been put on, and stops damaging the player if it is on.

Like I said, im not sure how to go about scripting this. I’m a builder through and through, but would like to add this feature (along with some others) to my game! Any help would be appreciated!


Something you wear like a hat or hair piece is an Accessory. See Humanoid:AddAccessory (

You might want to have some pulsing blur and a green tinted Colour correction effect on the client to tell him her that they are taking damage.

I would have a server script on the client that runs every time you want to damage the player like 2 second.

Then check if an accessory called the had mask is part of the player. If not then you damage the player.

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ok so make it an accessory like what @YosemiteMe suggested. After that, check if the player is in the radiation zone and if they don’t have the accessory in their character, then make them take dmg.

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