Working on a “A-Sync roleplay” game [Devlog]

Hi, @Iolbox and me(@lollllbox7) are working on a A-Sync research facility game we started the development a few weeks ago. Here are some screenshots:

Also involved in development are:
@lollllbox_atomic [Game Ideas]
@lollllbox9 [Game Ideas]


You did ani incredible job. Like the lighting and overall futuristic look of the game.

Keep up the great work!


Thanks for the feedback! We’re glad you like the lighting and futuristic look of the game. We’re working hard to make sure the game is as polished and immersive as possible, so we appreciate your support. We will continue to update the devlog with new screenshots, videos and more information as the development of the game progresses. Thanks again for your support!


WOW! incredible graphics.
Keep up this work!


Very cool looking, keep it up :slight_smile:


The door that heads into the Reactor Sector


Thanks for the support, we appreciate it!

Very realistic! Nice job on the futuristic aspect.

Thank you for your comment, we really appreciate it.

I don’t like how you can see the light highlights while there are no light sources present. It takes away from the immersion.

I forgot to put lights there, I have corrected that now.

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For a moment I thought it was another scp game akdkqskd, anyways great job :+1:

Thank you for the feedback you provided. We really appreciate it.

As always, great job. Although, do you have plans for creating a some kind of reactor on your latest picture. That orb looks weird to me…

Oh yes, the orb was just a placeholder as the room was empty, but yes, we are planning to add a reactor to our facility!