Working on a 2.5d dungeon type game, video feedback

Hello there, I’ve been working on a dungeon style 2.5d single player game for a while now, and I’d like to get some first impressions based on what you’ll see in the video that will be provided.

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I think this game is unique, but I think it’d be cool if the ground had some bumps and stuff to make it more interesting (instead of just flat). I also think it would be better if the creatures could actually move around! And about the UI, its good, but the XP bar should look consistent with the rest of the game, with the pixelated vibe. Cool game!


The UI needs a lot of work, adding more particles and effects would improve how the game looks. Maybe make the combat more interactive instead of simply spamming the mouse button. Other than that, I think this game can be pretty fun!

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Yeah, the game is currently barebones, though I would be slowly make it better since I’m only working alone

Yeah I think that would be nice to put on the game, I’ll think about it thanks :smiley:

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Based on what people said, I made a couple of tweaks to the game I’m working on, but I’d like to hear more suggestions and opinions on what can be seen in the video: Watch Video