Working On A Game Does Anyone Have Any Tips For Me?

G’Day Im BaconSamZ I am a small youtuber and Roblox Game Dev (Well sorta :P) I have been getting back in to Roblox recently and was just wondering If anyone had any tips for game dev I know It Is really hard and any help would be appreciated Thanks!

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  • Create a game that doesn’t involve assets of other games or designs. Make and use your own assets and designs.
  • Think of a catchy title that isn’t used by other roblox developers. Search title you thought of and see if a popular game has already got the title.
  • If you want people to play your game, advertise. Advertising is honestly key to making your game popular. If you have robux to put towards your game, it is highly recommended.
  • Groups and discord servers. Groups are often used to see who supports there game and plays it. Offering group benefits in your game draws attention of other players making them want to play. Discord servers are used for the other players to chat and make suggestions. This key to making your game more fun and popular.
  • Premium Benefits are gained when a player that has the premium subscription joins and plays the game. The more premium players that play, the more robux you earn. These can go towards ads and possibly giveaways to your supporters.
  • Updates. Don’t update every day. This is important because if you shutdown the servers to many times, players stop playing. Update the game when you have a new season or certain things for a time of year.
  • Game-passes. Don’t make the game-passes to expensive for nobody to buy or to cheap for you to earn nothing from it. Game-passes must be in-game benefits that is worth what they pay for.

Does this mean free models are out of the question?

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Yes, but know that free models aren’t a bad thing. It’s just that games with assets that where all made by the game maker, look clean and it does not look like it was just free models all put together.


Three things you’ll need:

  1. True skills. Not just a bit of knowledge. A LOT ACTUALLY.
  2. Perseverance. Sometimes it takes months and years for a project, but if you stop then it’s all gone.
  3. Wealth. Maybe you don’t need other team members or commissions, but you gotta make ads, and without 10K or having YouTuber friends you’re not going anywhere.

Thank You for The Advice I Just Made My First Test Game Its just a basic obby but It took me quite a while to make actually because I am still relatively new to this thing But anyway Thank You Agin for the Advice I will definitely Use that advice In the future

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Ok Thank You! Definitely Dont have amazing Skill yet but I will get there eventually lol

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Glad to hear. You got this, don’t give up! :heartbeat:

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Sorry if I bumped this or something but I would like to add something to this. Shutting down the game isn’t necessarily the only way to release an update. Using telepotservice, you would be able to create a good system.

Also, updating should be something you care about, rather than making it a season thingy(of course this depends on the type of your game. If it is something like pubg, updating it every season is pretty good).

Create a good game… It’s the only thing I have in my pocket, and GOOD LUCK !!! :yum: