Working on a MMORPG but I don't know where to start. Send help

Okay, I have decided to work on a futuristic MMORPG, but to be honest I’m not sure where to start as a solo developer.

  • I know how to script, gui, model, and build enough I just don’t know where to start.

Where do you think I should start? :slightly_smiling_face:


Programming the game’s core and using temporary assets in order to get everything playable before adding detail like complex UI and builds is usually the most effective approach.

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Talk to me like I’m dumb, because I just might be :rofl:

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I’m as well working on an MMO, here’s how I’m doing it…
Get a big team. (modelers, animators, whatever you need to make it) then, make them work on stuff.

Then have your builders and modelers and yourself (or whatever you specialize in) do so and so.
Basically, make the builds and stuff, landscapes and all. Then get the core mechanics done.

  • Now, all you must do is… Finish the core mechanics.
  • Pay developers.
  • Advertise.
  • Sponsor. (if you want)
  • Another successful game down the road.

And of course, give it monthly updates or however you prefer to do updates.


GUI’s, scripts, things of that sort. Core mechanics.

What I mean by that is that firstly you focus on the main scripting—this could be basic leveling and combat mechanics that act as the foundation of the game. You can get these working by using temporary models so that you get things functioning as quickly as possible. This also allows you to identify your limits in what you can script, and prevents you from having done unnecessary modeling/building for something that may not end up in the final product. Once you have everything scripted and running, then you start working on the building, modeling, etc. because you have identified exactly what you need and can then design around what you have already programmed.


Animations would come in last, controls would also come in last. Due to this all being the core mechanics of a game. (Scripts, animations, GUI’s, UI’s, controls, ect)

So what should I work on first, building or the main scripting?

Scripting first, since that’s slightly more important than the visuals at the beginning.


Building, most defeninetely. BUT! I would get a scripter or two, so you can work double as fast. Have the scripters make the scripts while you’re building and all that jazz. Once all the main scripts and core mechanics are done, I would add them into your game right then, and there. And then finish building.

I’m doing this solo, to see how far I get. I think I will start with the scripts first since thats 70% of the game.

You wont get very far if you’re working solo. Trust me, I highly suggest getting a team for small payment. I once tried making an MMO, and I had a lot of stress by the 3rd week. I gave up.

But you do you, I can’t control you. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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I personally believe that it’s possible to make cool stuff and complete a game as a solo developer, it’ll just take some time and dedication. Personally I’ve been working on my dream project for about 9 months now and I expect it’ll take at least a few more months before I have anything close to what I’m trying to create but I’m willing to put in that time and effort because I enjoy creating and I have something cool that I want to create and bring to the community. To be fair, I’m having to learn a lot in the process and I can’t work on it all the time which slows it down but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m still learning and making progress.

@SlMINIUS, from what I’ve learned in working on games I’d suggest that you figure out what core mechanics you need for your game to work and then work on those first. Also, don’t feel like they all have to work together right away. When I’m creating systems that I’ve never made before I personally prefer to make them in a separate place and figure out how to make the system by itself and then once I know how to make it I’ll figure out how to integrate it with the rest of my game.

For example, I’m currently working on a melee combat stealth type game that incorporates parkour. I wrote my combat and parkour systems (both core systems) in separate places and then once I figured out how to make them I put them together and figured out how to make them work together.

Also, don’t worry if it’s not perfect the first time. I’m actually currently rewriting my whole combat system and I’m planning to redo my parkour system to make them work better based on what I learned the first time I wrote them.

Just pick a system and start with that, once you get going it’s a lot easier to keep going. I wish you the best in your development and let me know if you have any other questions or ever need feedback or suggestions/tips :slight_smile:


Awesome and helpful! Also don’t procrastinate