Working On A Movement System

I am just getting started with movement system, that I will start working on. I am just clueless about, how to make smooth movement like you played counter blox, you might know this. When you stop walking there is delay on stopping, instead of instantly stopping.

You can make event like player stopped and make animation or you can use tweenservice

I think would be better to apply a force to the character instead of tweens. A MoverConstraint or BodyMover(last one kinda deprecated). I would stay away from tweens for that task

Ahh okay i just begginer in roblox studio

Nah, dont quote me on that, Im not sure about a proper approach, I just think tweens would make it complicated to cancel the tween, pause it, delete it, create it, play it, based on character movement, and I dont like to use forces but right now is the best I can think

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