Working on a new game. | Math Games!

What are you currently working on?

Hello! I am a Filipino Developer :philippines: on the Roblox Platform with the username 996_7, I have been coding for almost 4 years now and I really wanna share this idea I have as I have been working on it for a while.

Woah, math games? I do not know if players would be really engaged on this game but it might be a start for me. :grin:

It consists of…

  • Coins and Gems To Collect To Buy Things
  • To answer generated questions by AI relating to math, only surrounding the topics of arithmetical operations, AI generated based questions, Image Counting and more games coming!
  • Interaction with other players where you can have rankings, and especially good perks when you play with your friends as well as power-ups and trolling features :wink:

Current Design:

I do not have good building skills and I do not have good designs but I would appreciate criticism to improve the GUI & other features!

I would really love reccomendations and suggestions on what to add on the game as well as what I should improve to make the game more fun. Thank you for reading this post!

Note: For people that are finding the game link, I cannot release it currently as I still have things to do in the game but please do give me feedback on what to add/include!