Working on a new superpower soccer game

Hi there me and some other devs have been working on a superpower soccer game.
Here is the link
Link to game

Note that there needs to be 2 people to play a soccer match so if you want you can play with a friend. (will not be issue if the game is sponsored and people start playing)

The game is going to be Advertised soon we just need some Robux and we will start with the sponsorships and hope it will get recognized by Roblox.

Can you guys give some feedback on the game and how to get it popular and give some feedback on the thumbnail/how good the game is and how likely it is for people to return, and give some general tips/how you thought of the game. Thanks.


Also it would be nice if mobile compatibility was also tested with ex: the UIs and given feedback on, same with other platforms besides PC.

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Hi, I made the UI a bit smaller scaled and moved some buttons to the side to try to clear some clutter, thanks to the person who suggested that it does look better now.

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Me personally, all the UIs are still too big and take up too much space on the screen. Maybe try scaling it down and see what it looks like then.

Additionally, the lobby is a bit barebones. Instead of just having an endless expanse blocked by an invisible wall, try encasing the map in perhaps a town or something of the likes.

Thanks for the feedback! I will get these implemented.

Hi I am still trying to work on the building but I have added a mini obby with rewards in the lobby while waiting for players it is pretty difficult to complete but also possible. Also I have attempted to scale down the UIs.

Basically the building idk about that… but now we are getting consistent player base. So try out the game and give some feedback! thanks.

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Btw, just want to ask, we sponsored in ads for male in US and europe 10k yesterday and got ~7k visits in a few hours or so is that good? or any suggestions? or anything to the gameplay that needs fixing?

Based on recent analytics some people spend hour+ playing this game… not like other game where its AFK this is actual playing which is crazy

some photos from gameplay