Working on a roblox donation place that tells who donated through discord webhooks!

So, I’m making a roblox donation place, and I have made it work so that when the player buys a developer product it tells in discord with the webhook, but I’m trying to make it so it says the users discord, by getting the input of a textbox where it asks you to put your discord tag and username, although it is not getting the input from the textbox, Instead of showing the input as the title and messaging Donated as the embed description, image It just shows the description not showing the title of the embed which should be whatever is in the textbox, the webhook is sent when the player purchases a developer product which is the donation.

This is the script im using, the web hook is not shown for obvious reasons!

local webhookURL = " "
local httpService = game:GetService(“HttpService”)

( the purchase stuff is here but that is not important since that works)

local data = {
[‘embeds’] = {{

['title'] = game.StarterGui.ScreenGui.Frame.TextBox.Text,
['description'] = "Donated",
['color'] = 0


local finalData = httpService:JSONEncode(data)
httpService:PostAsync(webhookURL, finalData)