Working on a small project

I’m working on a small project and I noticed that animations sometimes when played will shake or play not as I made it (not too sure how to word this) is this supposed to happen?

game link: dummy with scythe - Roblox

Have you tried adding a debounce to these animations? whenever you are holding down a key it is repeatadly pressed. I believe that you can set the debounce off whenever the animation is finished. if not you can just make a debounce for 0.1s after the animation time or whatever time you want before they can use it again.

The Stopped function is inherited from AnimationTrack.

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Actually wait nevermind this isnt the issue. Whenever the key is pressed down or released the animation does play, so if you press it, it does the animation. Can I see the code for playing the animation?

(The animation plays when the key is pressed down, as the same when its released)

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Hello thanks, I should have thought about debounce! I can’t get on my computer right now but I will send it when I can.

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Sorry for the wait but I checked the script, playing the animation on key pressed/released seemed to be the problem, will keep in mind of it for future projects thanks!