Working on a Stardew Valley like game [Devlog]

I recently started working on a Stardew Valley like game. So far I’ve finished the farming system, mining system, and the inventory system. It would be really helpful if you could recommend features I could add to make it more unique and tell me what you think of my progress so far!


Wow, this looks awesome, can’t wait to see where this is going!


I really like it so far! Good luck on your project!

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If you made this then amazing job. It looks really nice, its important to have a strong, happy atmosphere for these types of games.

Looks really good!

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[Update on game]
-I changed the name from Terra Tales to Melody Ridge. Tell me which one you like more!
-I added the ability for the player to hoe the ground and to cover it back up when necessary.
-Created the dialogue menu and the gardening shop
-The ability to cut trees
-The day/night cycle with a functional clock and calendar
-I also created the energy bar so that if the player uses all of their energy, they’ll pass out and the next day will begin.
-This is my first time creating animations so please tell me what you think of the hoeing and passing out animations