Working on a Visual Scripting game! - Devlog 2


I’ve made some progress with my visual scripting game! So far, still not implemented the scripting part but I’ve worked on a simple object explorer. You can select and de-select objects in your game.

I’m working a lot on making the UI look and feel really nice, but very soon I’ll start working on the actual scripting part of the game!

Let me show some progress:

I will add the transformation tools (Move, Scale, Rotate) just like in Studio later on!

Any ideas/suggestions?

Feel free to tell me! I want this project to be really community oriented.


Tell me if I should tag you in future devlogs!

Have a great day!

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You could try adding some colour apperance/anchor/scale/mesh’s like use Roblox Studio for example be able to script your own stuff in models or make models but if you are going to do this. You will need to view Roblox ToS before you do this as mesh’s can be breaking Roblox ToS.

I will definitely add colours, option to anchor and to group parts into models as well. This is still in a really early phase but I will add these features for sure.

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Also you could try making a AI Assistant and powered by AI and it could inspect your design and suggestions
Some more suggestions:
Add a tour introduction
Be able to make more space by spending coins (or make your own currency for the game)
Be able to add quests like Build a house
Make compettions and give rewards

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I really love the quests idea!
Also competitions would be a nice way to challenge players.

Also another good thing about those is that people havent tried them so if you take them then your looking a good game then.

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