Working on some designs and builds for a cafe game. Any ideas on how to improve?

Yes, I’m using Future lighting.

Also this is my first post, so it’s not gonna be perfect


First of all, make sure to be descriptive within your post as well as your title, as currently, your title is more detailed than your actual post, maybe you could say that you would like some feedback and you have been working on this for x amount of time and what it’s meant for, is it for a cafe? Juice bar? Waterpark? ( it is in the title, I know, but some people could find it handy to have it in the post).

Now, to the feedback, I think that it looks high quality and you could improve it by keep going! It looks really good and I don’t have any suggestions at this point in time.

Good work.

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The title confuses me a bit do you mind explaining what you created? Is this like a juice bar or a little hangout area just for people that would like to interact with each other i could be wrong.

By looking at the name of the place i’m assuming it’s like a milkshake kind of juice bar area if i’m not mistaken do you mind clarifying? Firstly, I’d throw a bit more objects around mainly focusing on the ceiling since it quite features a plain look and design but i overall like it.

The place itself is pretty opened which is alright but i’m still assuming this is still in early development so i would recommend finishing it up and then show us the final results since a lot of are feedback will be already planned out.

It’s also quite empty you should throw some seating or potted plants in a few of the corners if you want try adding frames on the walls such as pictures, art, juice name letters something along those too lines proper detailing as there is simply is a lot of room for putting different objects at.

I normally see juice bar areas don’t feature a lot of things it’s more like a hangout place for interacting with other people however at the start it looks good i would recommend finishing it up and possibly think of some ideas you have to implement to your build.

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This is just a collection of things I’ve made, not a room in particular nor intended to be a complete café build. Models of table and chairs as well as using wall textures and utilizing the lighting for parts with reflectance.

I’m asking for ideas, because I’ve gone a bit brain dead, and need some ideas or ideal models to go in a café based game.

Thank you for the broad reply, Weird.

Hi. You should add more walls and make the layout more complicated. A second floor would be nice. The leafs on the roof look… like something else. So beware of that because you might get reported for it. You can add an outside area, wall decor and seats+ inner walls

Behind the camera, there is a building in progress which has the walls and doors, ect. This is just showcasing some ideas I’ve had.

Thank you, Weird.