Working Phalanx CIWS & Missile system

I got bored so I scripted a working CIWS and missile lol. I did not build a single thing shown in this video, I did however script both the missile system and CIWS [and created the computers SurfaceGUI based on and inspired by the game Blacksite Zeta]

Both the CIWS and missile system can be accustomed to fit an endless number of guns and missiles, or, in other terms, as much as both your computer and roblox’s servers can handle ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Took ~1-2 days to create and semi-properly refine


I’ve seen many many people attempting to create a proper CIWS, and this is probably the most defined one. You’ve done a pretty good job on this one, gotta give you that. Super cool, would love to see it being used as a Community resource!

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thanks bud! ill probably release it eventually, i dont know when but id like to release it sometime soon, just want to experiment w/ it a little more to see if i can make it any better than what it currently is

is this idea from BSZ? bc i like it

and is there a possiblity to buy this or hire u?

Yeah, took some inspiration from BSZ, also nah, I don’t charge people for what is essentially sharing my knowledge, I will make this open sourced eventually, I just need to get around to refining it

oke its bc im trying to making a big live event for christmas but i have no one that can help with it.

Looks really really good would there be any chance in buying this also how did you make it go back to the center

whenever the server is started, the server creates values of every turret’s current cframe and stores those values, whenever a target is destroyed, and there is no longer any targets left, all turrets return to their original cframe

Can you please message me if that CIWS is released , i am making a story game but the ciws on my ships are so unreliable and can break down easily , i really need a replacement or a debugging on my current work

I hope this response finds you well, and my apologies for the late response.

I have decided to cease all development on this system, however, I can release the place for anybody who would like to salvage what I did have if that would assist you.

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Could this be open sourced, ive tried starting a devforum recreating this, id love to know if i could just have this lol

As per BruceWayne’s decision to cease development on the CIWS system, here is the place file for anyone who would like to use or further develop it.

ciws_thingy.rbxl (211.7 KB)