Workspace Comments - A Tool for Builders



What Workspace Comments is

Workspace Comments is a plugin that displays comments in the workspace. The comments are stored in server storage and can be seen through the main viewport. The comments themselves also store the camera position and angle when the comment was created, and it can also store selected objects.

Install the plugin from this link. After the plugin is installed the main widget will open up and you should be good to go.


How to create a comment

The main widget has three different areas to customize your comment, the Name, the Comment, and the Selected Objects. The name and comment are text-boxes. To save selected objects, select the objects you want to save then press the Set Objects button.

After you’re finished modifying your comment, click the create button to create a comment with the modified information at your camera position and angle.

Viewing and using the toolbar

Viewing a comment is as simple as putting your camera by the comment. When you put your camera by the comment’s position, the comment will have a green outline around it and will show the comment’s information in the viewport.

When a comment is being viewed, a toolbar will be shown on the bottom right of the viewport. Each button has its own purpose which will be talked about through the next four guides.


Editing a comment

When you press the Edit button on the toolbar, the widget should change to the edit ui. The edit ui is practically the same as creating and has the same functions besides the Confirm and Cancel button, the Confirm button will apply the edited changes to the comment, and the Cancel button will cancel the edit and return the ui back to normal.


Selecting saved objects

When you press the Object Select button, your current selections will become the saved selections. Although, if there are no saved selections, this button will not appear.


Pressing the Warp button will warp your camera to the saved camera position in the comment.


Pressing the Delete button will delete the selected comment.

Plugin Buttons

There are three plugin buttons: Toggle Gui which toggles the plugin widget, Toggle Comments which toggles the visibility of the comments, and Toggle Settings which toggles the settings.


Features on the way

  • Mark As Solution
  • Quick Access Toolbar

Hopefully this plugin can be useful to you.

If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to message me!


Since comments are stored in ServerStorage, does this mean people in team create can view eachothers’ comments? This can be really handy for team builds!
Say, for instance, you have to log off, so you create a comment asking your friend to finish. Once your friend logs on, he’ll see your comment and be able to quickly teleport to where you left off.

Keeep up the good work! :smiley:


Precisely, the plugin is team create compatible. It will also show whoever edited it last. Thanks for asking, hopefully this can answer your question.


Amazing idea!

But i feel that atleast for me it is a bit uncomfortable to have the text appearing in the corner of my screen and appearing every single time i hover my camera over it (Considering that sometimes you have to move a bit far to make it disappear)

I suggest that you could add this idea:

Click over the Green Thingy to open the text instead of having it to open every time the camera hovers over it (you usually move way too much the camera during building process)

And at the end you could have the text display on top of the green thingy every time you click it (like click to open and click again to close) That way it feels more like augmented reality


Very useful for better communication between members in Team Create. Nice!


I love the idea! I’m planning on implementing this in.


Update V2.14 is now out!

This update includes:

  • Manual Selecting and the ability to only manually select
    To stop manually selecting, press the Un-select button on the toolbar.

  • Reading styles
    Allows a comment’s information to be read in three different styles.

  • Corner - Shows the information in the top left corner.

  • Float - Shows the information floating above the comment

  • Both - Shows the information in the top left corner and floating above the comment


Comments by scripters were already a thing. Now get ready for comments by builders.

Certainly seems like it’ll serve well as a neat collaborative tool. It’s even set up to be able to operate within team create sessions seemingly without the use of any DataStores or odd or unwelcome solutions.

I’ll keep this one bookmarked for later. Thanks for sharing your creation with us.


Great idea. Still needs work. Tooltips would make it better.

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Tooltips already exist on the toolbar, are you talking about the creation/edit menu? Also can you tell me more about that error?


Update V2.2 is now out!

This update includes:

  • Bug fixes

  • Plugin not opening up when play testing in studio

  • Mark as solution