Workspace Insertion Button Bug

Opened studio and notice the new circular ‘+’ button next to each object (Workspace, Parts, folders etc) in the explorer window. - upon pressing the button an advanced objects popup window appears (Nice :)) but there’s some sort of distorted overlay.

First time opening studio with the update:

Second time opening studio with the update:

Although a lot better on the second image - it’s still slightly blurry and glitchy for me.

The error seems to occur most at this place:

I’m using an old laptop:
Toshiba Satellite A200 - 1YO
Windows 7

Not a very good laptop but it’s all I have atm.

Question - would this replace the ‘advanced objects’ panel?

That looks really bad! When was the last time you updated your graphics drivers?

Also, the plan is to eventually update the advanced objects panel to be similar or the same menu.