workspace:GetPartsInPart not working


So I’m trying to use workspace:GetPartsInPart to determine when a note on a rhythm game should be hit.

Now, my problem is simple:
Nothing works.

I cannot find any working way to detect note hits using multiple methods, such as GetPartsInPart and GetPartsInBox.

Before you ask, No I cannot use magnitude as the notes are square and not circle.

My code:

function ProcessNote(Note, Key)
	if Note.Position.Z > -1 and not table.find(HitNotesTable, Note) and table.find(workspace:GetPartsInPart(Note), Cursor) then
		table.insert(HitNotesTable, Note)
		HitNotes += 1
		Combo += 1
		TotalNotes += 1
		task.spawn(function() HitNote(Note.Position, Note.Color) end)
		if Key ~= nil then RunService:UnbindFromRenderStep(Key) end

The entire game is done through the client, too.

You can’t use workspace:GetPartsInPart() because workspace isn’t a part. What is your objective when using workspace:GetPartsInPart()? I can find another solution for you.

That’s… what? that’s an API function that returns a table consists of parts inside a part itself??

You probably forgot to include OverlapsParams.

Printing the GetPartsInPart returns a table of everything except the cursor, which is a part and is in the note.

However, after troubleshooting more, I actually found the solution.

The problem wasnt the ProcessNote function, but instead the CursorPosition function.
The cursor was 1 stud ahead of where it was supposed to be, and wouldn’t hit the notes because they actually never touched the cursor.

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