World design for "simulator" style game

What was originally supposed to be a quick game for funds quickly turned into quite the commitment for me. Not only did I redesign the gameplay to be much more interesting, but I also put a lot of work into the zones the player will visit. Seeing as game zones are finished (unless I add one more before release, which I may) I wanted to share the builds:


World 1 / Spawn:

Portal Hall:
This one is really empty because I haven’t added most portals yet

Rebirth Temple:

World 2 / Fungal Forest:

World 3 / Village:
This one was a pain

World 4 / Upper Mines:

I wanted these worlds to be something that goes against peoples stereotypes of “simulators” yet still be performant, because in all honesty I think these kinds of game can be fun when they are done well. What does everyone else think of them?


Overall I think it looks really great but one thing I would change is the trees. They look very out of place, Id say they need to be taller and a bit thinner.

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In which photo? In world 2 I did change them to be taller and thinner compared to those in world 1, how do those look?

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All of them and I’m mainly referring to the leaves.

Wow, that is actually amazing!
It’s not a lot of people that impress me, but this certainly did.
The detail is perfect, and the whole thing certainly looks good.


It looks very nice. For the caves, I recommend maybe some random low-poly crystals. Also for each area, some different lighting would be cool. For the outside area’s maybe some extra saturation and for the portal hall maybe some fog and ambience.

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Cool that you suggested crystals, the next zone is actually planned to be a crystal cave.

For the lighting, I was thinking that would be cool ever since I began the portal hall. However, I’ve never tried making lighting change between areas in one place, how possible is it to do?

I want to add that I made the first three worlds (spawn, forest, and village) playable:

Because of the removal of level doors in this version grass will look very weird between areas, this is was on purpose.
I especially want to know peoples opinion on the trees in game (underneath them), I wanted to make them hollow but the end result looks a little odd.