World of Magic - Fishing Update [v1.1]

The Fishing Update for World of Magic has been released! Here is a long list of all the medium/major changes in this update:

  • Added the Ashen Volcano area, a large volcano to the west of the Castlian Shore.
  • Added the 3 More Files game pass, which gives you 3 more files to choose from on the title screen in exchange for 600 Robux.
  • You can now buy and find Fishing Rods, a new type of Tool item that can be equipped from the Inventory. There are currently 3 types of rods: Wooden Rod, Collector’s Rod, and Bronze Rod, and they all have different attributes which make them better at different aspects of fishing. (Such as more Lure or more Item Chance)
  • These Fishing Rods cost 1 Fish Bait to use, which can be bought from Fishmonger NPCs or found in chests. To fish, select a fishing rod, face a river, pond or the ocean, and click to cast out. After a while, the bobber will “bump” a few times, and then go underneath the surface. When this happens, click as fast as you can to reel in a fish or item.
  • Fishing Rods can also be enchanted to give them either the Luring enchant which increases fish attraction speed, the Sturdy enchant which makes fish easier to reel in and increases the chance of finding Giant fish, the Lucky enchant which increases the chance of catching rare fish, or the Magnetic enchant which increases the chance of catching items.
  • Added 93 different fish types, some of which aren’t obtainable currently until there are colder areas. When caught, these fish will go in your inventory, and can be sold in exchange for Crowns. These fish can also have variations such as Small, Giant, or Golden, which affects how much they sell for. You can view all types of fish you’ve caught and their variations in the new Fish Journal in the Menu.
  • The American Sunglasses and American Cap items are now “Seasonal” rarity, meaning their values will increase by +0.1x every month.
  • Removed XP gain from opening chests since this was abused by exploiters to auto level at a slow pace.
  • Smoke Arrows now sell for 0 Crowns since players were using these as Crown storage in their inventory.
  • Destruction, Casting Speed, Magic Size, Magic Speed, and Agility stats are now much more noticable since the way they scale has been changed.
  • You can rarely catch Sunken Items from fishing. These items are the Sunken Iron Helmet, Sunken Iron Armor, Sunken Iron Boots, and the Sunken Sword. The armor set gives Defense and Magic Size, and the sword has a unique ability called Rising Tide.
  • Fish can now be seen visually swimming in ponds, lakes, rivers, and the ocean at graphics qualities above 4. These cannot be caught, and are purely for ambiance.
  • Added Travelling Merchants and Wanted Merchants which spawn from a new quest type involving collecting a package from these NPCs. There are merchant types for both reputations and merchant types for every kind of shop. (Metalworker, Tailor, etc.) There is also simply “Travelling Merchant” and “Smuggler” NPCs which sell 3 random chest items.
  • Added quest types that involve defeating 6 Dark Wizards or 6 Wizards. These can be any Wizards or Dark Wizards depending on the reputation of the quest type.
  • Added Bandit Outposts and Magic Council Outposts, which are a small upgrade from the current camps. These outposts are more established, are slightly bigger, and have more NPCs in them. The Bandit Outposts can be seen representing 1 of 3 Bandit Organizations: the Sun Rage Bandits, Darksea Bandits, or Rising Mist Bandits. These organizations will have even bigger fortresses and bases at later level caps.
  • Raised the Level cap to 80, which allows players to learn and create Beam Attacks. These attacks are near-instant and have a long range, but low damage and consume a decent amount of Magic Energy, making them great for keeping pressure on an enemy.
  • Raised the Crowns cap to 1,400
  • Raised the PvP Level to 40
  • Slightly buffed Magic Council Captains, Commissioners, and Soldiers due to the new level cap.
  • Added some new items: Old Spear, Old Sword, Wooden Club, Headbands, Black-Banded Fedoras, White-Banded Fedoras, and the Sailor’s Headband. Most of these items have 16 color variations.
  • Added Fish Hooked, Fish Caught, Fish Missed, Fish Caught per Hour, and Fish Catch Percentage stats which can be viewed in the Stats tab on the Menu.
  • Level and Fish Caught stats now display when mousing over players on the player list.
  • Added 55 new player-choosable names.
  • Power from armor is now added onto the base damage of a spell before the damage is multiplied by other factors (such as Explosion Size). This is an indirect nerf to Placed Explosions, and an indirect buff to Pillar Explosions)
  • Optimizations and improvements to the Path Traveled feature of the Magius Map, though this will still cause some FPS drops if your path is very long.
  • Reduced the startup time of the Great Spin ability by 0.3 seconds.
  • Bows now have 25% less startup time and deal 50% less damage.
  • Thrown weapons now have much less startup time, move faster through the air, and deal 30% less damage.
  • You now regenerate 20% of your health on player kill so that group battles last slightly longer, as well as to make the game more consistent with Arcane Adventures.
  • Blocking now reduces 30% of damage dealt instead of 60%, and Perfect Blocking now reduces 70% of damage dealt instead of 90%. Blocking Power gained from using weapons still functions the same way and adds onto these numbers.
  • Many optimizations such as NPCs checking if they should be loaded slower, NPCs that aren’t loaded on your client now have their joints disabled to reduce physics strain, and trees, palm trees, and bushes now unload from far away areas.
  • Updated the Magius Map to have accurate colors.
  • You now get an “All Soldiers Killed” notification when you kill the final wave of a Magic Council Soldier group.
  • Crowns Gained From Trading no longer counts towards Total Crowns Earned since this was abusable.
  • Halved the duration of all melee parry stuns, and now you can only be stunned for 1 second maximum by these.
  • After a melee parry stun wears off, you can no longer be stunned again for 1 second to prevent infinite stunning.
  • Combat music now pauses and resumes instead of stopping and restarting, since this made it so that you could never actually hear past 30 seconds of each theme.
  • Players under the PvP level can no longer damage players that are over the PvP level when they’ve caused a threat.
  • Wizards and Magic Council NPCs no longer agro on players with a bad reputation that don’t have a bounty. (Unless your reputation is very very low)
  • Many bug fixes and smaller changes which can be found on these Trello cards: