World of Magic - Guilds Update [v1.3]

The Guilds Update for World of Magic has been released! Here is a long list of all the medium/major changes in this update:

  • Added the Bronze Grassland wilderness area, which was originally going to have the first Alvarian culture town in it, but with the Total Game Revamp update coming, it no longer will. (See more info about TGR at the bottom of this list)
  • Added the Cute Animation Pack game pass for 300 Robux, which changes your characters’ animations to be sassy/cute.
  • Added the Team system. You can invite players to teams using the menu or by clicking their names on the player list, which will open up the team creation UI.
    • When inviting other players to your team, they will receive an invite in the Messages tab of their inbox.
    • Teams have a Friendly Fire option which allows you to not damage team members if your attacks hit them.
    • Teamwork option allows team members to share the same quest as the leader.
    • Your team gains XP and can level up to 10, and each level gives everyone on the team more Crown and XP multipliers.
    • You can easily view the locations of your team members since they have arrows over them in the world which can be seen through walls. Team members also display on the Magius Map.
    • Easily view your team members’ health while in a team with the side bar on the left.
    • Teams don’t level up if they only have one member to encourage them to be used as parties, not just for the perks. You also don’t get the perks of a team if you’re the only one left in the team.
    • Teams don’t save, and essentially serve as a temporary party system. Team leveling is a way to reward long-standing teams in a single server.
  • Messages setting can now be set to All, Friends only, or Off.
  • Added a Team Invites setting which can be set to All, Friends only, or Off.
  • Raised the max Crowns cap from 1,400 to 5,000.
  • You can now create Guilds which server as a player-led organization in-game. Choose your guild’s icon, name, 5 rank names, description, colors, and guild tax, and then you can create a guild for 5,000 Crowns.
    • Guild Tax takes a cut of quest rewards and Crowns from chests and puts it directly into the guild bank. This can be set between 0-90.
    • You can gain Infamy for your guild by defeating non-guild members, which gives +1. If the other person is in a guild, their guild will lose infamy. No infamy is gained or lost in Arena areas.
    • Deposit Crowns in the Guild Bank to contribute to upgrading your guild’s Max Member Cap, which can be done by the leader. The Member Cap for guilds starts at 10 and can be upgraded up to 200, with each upgrade giving 25. Only the leader of the guild can withdraw from the guild bank.
    • You can invite all members of your guild to a team by clicking a button on the guild UI.
    • Infamy is used to calculate a guild’s tier, which affects its appearance, max Guild Bank, and place on the Guild Leaderboard. Your guild’s current infamy and how much is needed to the next tier is displayed as a bar on the guild UI. Infamy Tiers:
      • New - 0-199
      • Rookie - 200-999
      • Average - 1,000-4,999
      • Strong - 5,000-14,999
      • Superior - 15,000-24,999
      • Powerful - 25,000-49,999
      • Supreme - 50,000-99,999
      • Legendary - 100,000+
    • You can view all of your guild’s members in the Members tab, which shows their rank, Crowns earned for the guild, Crowns spent from the guild, Quests completed while in the guild, Infamy gained or lost for the guild, and their contribution % to the guild’s current infamy. Higher ranks in a guild can click on members here and promote, demote, or kick them.
    • Guild leaders can edit their guild’s description and guild tax at any time, and also change their guild’s name and rank names, but ONLY if those names have hashtags in them. This is to allow leaders to fix their guild if Roblox’s filtering system ever updates and hashtags it. Guild logos and colors currently cannot be changed.
    • Guild icons display next to your name on the player list, and you can mouse over these for info about other players’ guilds.
    • Co-Leader and Leader ranks can invite new members to the guild. Invites show in the Messages tab of your inbox. (And yes, Co-Leader rank can have more than 1 person in it)
    • You can view a leaderboard of the top 20 guilds in the game, sorted by infamy. This shows their names, icons, descriptions, member counts, current infamy, their infamy tier, and their leader’s name.
  • Extended the player list so that it can show more players at once, and you can also now use mouse wheels to scroll with it instead of the scroll button.
  • Changed the Level cap from 80 to 90.
  • Changed the PvP Level from 40 to 45.
  • Changed the max amount of Crowns you can lose on death from 150 to 350.
  • Added 16 new items, all of which have 16 color variations and can be found in chests (some can be found in Tailor shops): Skirts, Maid Skirts, Bright Leather Armor, Bright Leather Pants, Bright Leather Helmets, Maid Tops, Winter Caps, Blindfolds, Eye Poppers, Gilded Wings, Dark Leather Armor, Dark Leather Pants, Dark Leather Helmets, Crow Wings, Top Hats, and Banded Top Hats.
  • Criminal Record can now be checked in the Stats section of the Menu, and can now only go up to 15 max.
  • You can now accept Crown payments even if the sender has left the server.
  • You can no longer have more than one shield equipped at a time.
  • Reduced the amount of damage the Exiled boss’s attacks deal.
  • New methods of gaining XP:
    • Hitting NPCs (amount depends on their level relative to yours, and what % of their health the hit dealt)
    • Killing other players (has a cooldown, and the amount depends on their level relative to yours)
    • Discovering new regions (Gives half your XP bar until Level 50, then it starts giving a flat rate)
  • You now have to take 5% of your HP in damage to be considered in combat, and you also aren’t considered in combat for hitting players/NPCs anymore, only when you get hit.
  • Abilities listed in the bottom right when having a magic or weapon selected now also function as cooldown bars to show how long before a skill/spell can be used again.
  • You can now preview Global Messages before sending them.
  • Added a separate “Sells for” text in shops that displays under the Sell All button, which represents how much Crowns you would get for selling all of the selected items. The “Sells for” text under the Sell One button still functions the same.
  • Blast Attacks, Explosions, and Beam Attacks now have lights for certain magics.
  • Added Tornados and Severe Tornados. (Though as of this post, weather is currently disabled due to performance issues. It is unknown when it will be turned back on)
  • When a status effect on you gets cleared, you can no longer get that status effect for 3 seconds. (For example if you charge magic energy with Water Magic while Burning, you cannot get the Burning status again for 3 seconds)
  • Added lots of new synonyms and adjectives for spell creation.
  • Fish are now worth 1.5x more Crowns.
  • Bosses now deal 0.1x more damage and drop 0.2x more Crowns per player fighting them.
  • Added support for Twitter Codes which will be tweeted around twice a week on my Twitter @_vetex. These will give instant Crowns, XP multipliers, and Crown multipliers.
  • Changed some magics’ base sizes to give more variation in starter magics, as well as make some magics more useful.
  • Reduced the magic energy cost of all spells to reduce the amount of magic energy charging in fights.
  • Tons of balances to weapons and their abilities.
  • High Jump spells now have a 20 second cooldown that activates after they are used 3 times. This is to fix certain issues in PvP.
  • Reduced the casting time of Blast Attacks by 33%, and reduced the endlag of Blast Attacks by 20%. They now also have a 1 second cooldown to prevent them being too spammy due to these changes. These changes are to make blasts feel as accurate to Q attacks in Arcane Adventures as possible.

All details, minor changes, and bug fixes are listed as always on the game’s Trello board on the following cards:

More info about the Total Game Revamp update

A lot of suggestions and posts on here have been turned down due to them being irrelevant with the changes being done in the TGR update, and I don’t want to reveal what this update will do yet.

As many of you noticed when the Guilds Update released, performance in WoM is at an all time low due to how the game is structured, where each server has around 330 NPCs in it at all times. Weather was disabled temporarily which helped a bit, but since Roblox barely gives developers any tools to find causes of lag in their games, and due to how the game itself is structured, anyone can see that this can’t go on for much longer.

Also, I’m sure everyone that has played Arcane Adventures while it was working will agree that World of Magic’s start is much more miserable than Arcane’s was, and the game is almost PAINFUL to play due to it being a continent and there not being much substance to the game. Since everything is randomized and there are no “special”/story NPCs, the game has an overall worse feeling to it.

Flight spells would have been a band-aid fix to the transportation issue, but even then, the story itself wasn’t thought out very good and my creativity was limited due to the game’s structure once more. Since EVERY NPC is kill-able and has its own AI, every unique story NPC I would have added would’ve had to have its own moveset, meaning adding even a simple unique NPC for part of the storyline would have required me to design its moveset and drops, basically as if I were adding a new boss each time. Not to mention the fact that shop owners and NPCs having a sleep pattern does NOTHING for gameplay except for “immersion” and being a nuisance.

All of these issues are things I am going to address in the Total Game Revamp update, where I will turn World of Magic into a TRUE Arcane Adventures sequel, with a brand new story, map, tons of optimizations, quest changes, and more. Specific details will be revealed after the Halloween Update is released, which will take around a week. Until then, I hope you enjoy the update