World of Magic - Halloween Update [v1.4]

The Halloween Update for World of Magic has been released, and the Halloween Event has begun! Here is a long list of all the medium/major changes in this update:

  • Many optimizations to terrain destruction, liquid puddles, clouds, and rubble. These 4 things were the reason the Guilds Update was so laggy for most players, as liquid puddles in particular had a memory leak that would cause them to build up in the background and not properly get deleted. This memory leak was most noticeable after a large fight, where you would be stuck at 10-15 FPS and be unable to go back up without rejoining the game. Fragmented terrain now also has a few improvements, such as craters forcefully respawning after 5 minutes to prevent the build-up of lots of extra parts.
  • Changed the map colors, titlescreen, and sky for the duration of the Halloween Event, which will end in 3 weeks on November 16th
  • Due to the optimizations above, weather and destruction have both been turned back on.
  • Added 15 new Seasonal items which can be obtained through various ways. You now spawn with a Halloween Event Scroll on the end of your hotbar which shows how each is obtained when selected. When you obtain at least one of each type, you will be given the Halloween Event badge and Headless Head seasonal item, which hides your character’s head and face while equipped. Some Seasonal items also have color variations, but you don’t need to collect every color for it to count towards the Headless Head. These seasonal items are currently not tradeable, but they will be when the event ends and they are made unobtainable.
  • Renamed the Destruction stat to Strength and gave it a new use. It now adds on damage to all weapon abilities depending on the amount you have. As a result of this, all weapon damages have been reduced by 60%, so that they can only be as good as they were before with a decent amount of Strength. Strength also retains its old functionality of making spells deal more damage to terrain. Destruction Amulets have also been changed into Strength Amulets due to this change.
  • Renamed the Strong Armor Enchant to Powerful, since Strong is the new Armor Enchant name for +Strength and it would have been confusing if it was left unchanged.
  • Renamed the Destructive Armor Enchant to Strong, since it now gives Strength, it only makes sense.
  • Changed the color scheme and enchant overlay of the Strong Weapon Enchant to match the Strong Armor Enchant’s colors.
  • Re-implemented the Blast Attack changes that were meant to be a part of the Guilds Update (Casting time reduced by 33% and endlag reduced by 20%)
  • Added 4 new items that are available from chests: Scary Hats (16 color variations), Spirit Hats (16 color variations), Clown Noses (16 color variations + Tailor shops), and Straw Hats (16 color variations + Tailor shops).
  • Reduced the amount of damage Blast Attacks deal if their Amount setting is set to 2 or 3, since this was way too high previously.
  • Plasma and Explosion Magic now interact with destroyed parts and can burn/scorch them, similar to how Fire Magic can.
  • Player names are now included in the join/leave/combat log chat messages.
  • Swapped the locations of player and character names on the player list, so that it is easier to see player names.
  • Reduced the size of the player list so that scrolling is no longer needed in a full server, and you can see all players in a server at once.
  • Added Filters to the inventory, shops, and trading UIs. You can filter items by Rarity, Type, Enchanted, and/or Boss Drop, and you can combine these different filters to narrow down the list even more.
  • Added Sorting to the inventory, shops, and trading UIs. You can sort by Default, A-Z, Z-A, Lowest/Highest Quantity, Lowest/Highest Value, Lowest/Highest Rarity, and Lowest/Highest Level. This changes the order that items display in in these different UIs, and works with the new filters.
  • Scrolling in the inventory, shops, and trading UIs is now a bit smoother.
  • When you reel in a fish or item when fishing, your character is now pushed back and to either side randomly depending on the fish/item’s rarity. This is to prevent fishing macros, which are now also ban-able. Any player that is caught macro fishing (even though it may be impossible now) will be banned for a few days.
  • You are now healed by 35% after killing a player instead of 20%, to make larger fights more manageable.
  • Pillar Explosions now deal 10% more damage.
  • Guild Infamy changes:
    • You now gain more infamy on kill depending on the Guild Tier difference between the two guilds, at a rate of +1 per tier difference. This caps off at a max of +3, which would happen if a player in a New Guild killed a player in an Average Guild or higher.
    • You now gain +1 more infamy for killing leaders of guilds, on top of the change above, meaning the max amount of infamy you can gain for a kill is +4.
    • You no longer gain infamy from killing players in a New Guild if your guild is Average or Higher.
    • You can no longer gain infamy from killing team members while Friendly Fire is on.
    • You can now gain or lose infamy in arena areas. This is to prevent players in guilds from running to arenas in order to avoid losing infamy, and only existed in the first place so that players can PvP in arenas without having to worry about their infamy. However, due to the change above, this is no longer needed since you could just invite players in the arena to a team if you want to PvP and not lose infamy.
    • You no longer gain or lose infamy for your guild if you aren’t max level, to prevent lower leveled players from being bullied for easy infamy. This may be changed in the future as the level cap gets higher.
    • Guild-less players no longer give infamy when killed or cause guilds to lose infamy.
    • Guilds no longer lose or gain infamy from players in guilds that are 4 tiers or lower than them.
  • You can no longer change your equipped items while in combat.
  • Possible improvement for players with extreme inventory sizes. (over 100k items)
  • Normal weapon slashes now cost no stamina, and heavy weapon slashes now cost half as much stamina.
  • Added a way to change the visibility of your torso armor in the inventory, which allows your character’s shirt and default torso to show when wearing armor, while still displaying the armor’s arms.
  • Guild logos now display over players’ heads to make it easier to distinguish which players are in a guild.
  • Fixed bugs

All details, minor changes, and bug fixes are listed as always on the game’s Trello board on the following cards: