World war 2 spitfire

Hey devs! I am asking for feedback on my spitfire i made.




Also funfact this is my first time messing with UV mapping like actually not to just get colors. So it will get better over on

nice, but you might want to tweak a bit the lighting, it looks quite off

Yeah but that for showing the plane I never expected great things with the lights and etc. I just wanted feedback on the model.

Could make the texture a bit cleaner in my opinion, looks very blurred and distorted. But if you’re working on that then its all great!

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Yeah slowly it wasn’t my fault on the quality of the texture so ill work on that. :slight_smile:

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Looks pretty good. In the top picture it looks a bit flat. Maybe thicken it a bit, or maybe the wings need some dihedral ( V shape)

2nd picture looks nice.

Ah ok, ill keep that in mind next time It doesn’t look flat it was just the angle.

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