World War [GFX] | TommyFBX

New creation performed in about 16 hours, yes, it really is a time-consuming process, but the result is worth it.

  • GFX:

  • Follow my work:



I do not know if you want feedback, but here it is.

  1. The plains should not be that low.

  2. The people skydiving aren’t wearing backpacks.


I’m just saying there were no C-130s in WW2, change them to C-47s. Here’s the image:


You should put shadows on the dude crouching in front of the camera to make it more realistic.image


Well, in the backpacks they were actually added, but due to the huge memory usage that this project occupied, I ended up excluding them, in the plains they were made according to texture, using subdivisions and displacements for terrain deformities.

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About the character, he has some shading, along with other compositions of the scenario.

Thanks for the feedback, it helps me a lot.

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Looks good, I like how realistic you made it. Keep up the good work.

I do agree with some other conversations, maybe a little more shadows under the people and if you could add a backpack for the people who are gliding.


Maybe try to make it a little bit more visible

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Looks great. If you want feedback:

  • Add a bigger watermark before someone steals it
  • 3d cloth for the characters near the camera, the others are far away so it doesn’t matter. 3d cloth can give a sense of movement (ie someone is falling and their clothes are billowing up)
  • The planes should be metallic and reflective
  • A plane that turning should be tilting. Try adding some tilt so they aren’t perfectly flat
  • Add an explosion particle that’s right in front of the camera to give it a sense of immersion

I loved your feedbacks, it would really change a lot

I can see one slight issue, it looks like the soldiers are apart of the same army, doesn’t make much sense to me. Other than that it looks epic :slight_smile:

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I like it and the realism and Roblox really work well together in it.

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so the planes are bombing while sending down paratroopers…hm. also the paratroopers have the same outfit as the soldiers on land

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The planes are in the wrong place in time. Paratroopers in WWII don’t usually drop into heavy fire and large fights. They tend to do recon. And the uniforms and equipment are off. Other than that it looks sick!

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