World // Zero V0.6.0 Changelog

V0.6.0 Changelog


  • New Mission: Mission 2-3 [Volcano’s Shadow Lvl 18]
  • New Mission: Mission 2-4 [VolcanoDungeon Lvl 26]
  • Boss Rework: Cerberus has been completely reworked to be a much more exciting bossfight for Mission 2-4. You’ve gotta try it.
  • Rebalance: Crabbage & Dire Boarwolf HP reduced by 66%, too difficult for beginners.
  • Armor Upgrade nerfed to give additional 4% per +1 rather than +10%, as a +20 armor would have a 200% bonus making it too overpowered. Weapons still get 10% per +1.
  • Nightmare missions have been removed. We were using these as recycled content while we built missions for World 1 & 2. We will likely bring Nightmare missions back under a more complex system in the future!


  • Party leader indicator updated to be on left side
  • Fixed male_school_outit_black text


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