Worldpainter-like way to create terrain

Worldpainter is a map generator made specifically for minecraft, it uses different brushes to paint large scale terrain that would otherwise be extremely difficult to make. Roblox made some progress with terrain, and now we can use heightmaps, but for most people it’s not quite as useful, as heightmap sources are quite sparse online and it is really difficult to create your own heightmap.

Worldpainter’s approach is fast and efficient, and to a certain degree it is compatible with roblox terrain. It would be great if we could have a way to create fast, worldpainter-like terrain on roblox, using default brushes and brushes we can download, or at least, if we could somehow be able to create large scale realistic terrain and apply hydraulic erosion on it, process that would otherwise take hours, if not more.

It’s currently impossible to create fast terrain with the editing tools we already have. Manual terrain editing tools take way too long, the import function is limited by the unavailability of heightmaps online and the long time taken to manually create a colormap, the “generate” function created very bland, not very customizable and repetitive terrains at a way too small scale.

If this would be addressed, it would make terrain editing way easier and fun for developers, making large scale realistic terrain finally possible on roblox without too much manual work.

Example gallery