Worried and confused about using logos

I’m a big apple fan and want to make clothing related to them or a group about them and I want to know if I can use the apple logo when making clothing or decals.

I’m scared to use the Apple logo yet as I don’t want to be moderated or banned for using the logo.

I’m really unsure if I can use it in my own original made clothing if anyone lets me know if I can or give me any advice it’d be highly appreciated.


If you want to avoid a ban, I would advise you not to use the logo for future problems, besides, it wouldn’t be wrong to design it yourself or replace it with something that won’t be assimilated

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Yeah you could get banned or something for using something copyrighted or brands/logo/assets/etc without permission.
So I guess you could just make one yourself and you won’t be moderated as long as you don’t take the logo for your designs.

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Unless you have permission from that specific company, to use there logo it’s best to come up with your own logo to make for your clothing product rather then using real life brands you could do your own research and see if this is allowed to be used for your product your making.

I would avoid using actual company logos in your product or whatever else your wanting to use it for. I’ll consider making up your own logo to avoid problems and copyright issues. It’s most likely common sense, don’t use any brand logo you don’t have permission to or have a license

There have been many similar questions like this that get brought up quite often and there has been answers regarding around using copyright logos - names or assets, if your wanting to avoid issues like this you can basically create your own content without using logos you don’t have permission to use.

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You can use a pear…

List of fruits:
:apple: - - -:x: - - Pretend this is silver
:green_apple: - - -:white_check_mark:


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You can actually use a red apple or a green one. But not the silver one or one which has a bite in it in any colour

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