Worries about future performance issues

Hello developers!

I have been working a lot on my map recently, it’s a big task! The map is roughly 9200 x 8200 studs in size. I am doing my best to limit the amount of parts in the game, currently it sits at 8161 parts with minimal optimization. I would say the map is about 30% complete.

My issue is memory, I don’t quite understand it. When I check the performance on studio, it will sometimes reach to almost 1900 MB! It’s different this time sitting at “only” 993MB:


When I play test my map in studio and open up the memory tab under the Developer Console, the memory now reads 1273MB. Sometimes it’s 1600MB, sometimes it’s 1000MB, it’s just not consistent at all.

However, there has been one thing that has remained consistent, and it’s only when I view the memory when I start a server. The memory has always been around the 650MB range, this time it reads 635MB:

So I’m just genuinely confused. Should I worry about this? What can I do about this? How much memory should I aim for? I am limiting myself enough already, previous maps I’ve made were nearing 40K parts and the maps themselves were only about 10% - 20% complete.

I do not have performance issues on my PC, but I am worried about it for lower end devices, so Streaming Enabled is turned on. I hope to have this game operating on all platforms in the future, but only PC at launch.

Also, should I union sections the roads? Or should I export chunks of roads and import them as a few meshes? Or should I just leave them as parts? I feel like exporting the roads would be the best on performance, as I would be reducing 140 parts at a time to only 5 meshes. But it takes A LOT of time and precision when importing. The meshes don’t line up with each other so I would have to manually resize them accordingly.



First of all, depending on the union, it could actually become worst for performance and memory if done incorrectly, this post should also add more help to decrease memory usage/performance problems:

Another thing, simplifying is key. If something could be simplified, simplify it, road segments? Simply simplify them.

Theres no real set memory number that it should be at in my opinion though if you really want to, use the default baseplate, click play, and check the memory and use that as your control variable (lol going up in scienctific stuff), you can then use it to see if your memory in other games are insanely high.
Also, I never really used that performance window, never seen it actually to be honest, I just use the developer console to look for possible performance issues and look at the graphs to see if its moving up slowly, if it is, its probably a memory leak thats getting out of hand.

Fixing errors/bugs are also a good way to decrease possible performance issues, errors piling up could cause more performance issues.

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