Worry over losing player data

My game will be including developer purchases such as in-game money for R$. This means that the money the player purchases with R$ needs to be saved in a datastore alongside the money they’ve earned from just playing the game.

My worry is what if I make an error in my code or somehow datastores fail to save and the purchase the player has made doesn’t get saved. This means the player has just lost the purchase they’ve made.

What I am wondering about is how does Roblox handle this, and what are my ways to prevent it. I don’t want to get in trouble for scamming a player out of their robux if my code failed and what would be the ways to prevent losing player data.

Roblox doesn’t handle it, you must handle it.

If you having problems with it, then you must fix the bug as fast as possible.

Roblox will ban your game only if it’s intentionally scamming players, but if it’s bug, then you must figure out way to restore player’s purchases.

If you worrying about losing data, I would highly recommend using Datastore2, I use it personally, and I never had any problems with it, and I never had to restore players data ever again. I would also recommend testing the updates before releasing them to public, in order to prevent mistakes in your code to be in live game.

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Alright, that makes complete sense, I’m planning to use Datastore2 so all should be good. Thank you for clearing it up

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