Would a "decontamination" system similar to the one in SCP:SL be against TOS?

I was thinking about making a hallway with vents that deploy gas if there are biohazards inside in order to eliminate them. Would something like this be against TOS?

Short overview of how it works:

  1. Player presses a button outside
  2. Doors close, locking the hallway and filling it with gas
  3. Anyone inside the hallway dies, hallway reopens after 30 seconds

I’m not at all trying to reference any real life events, just trying to make a system to stop an infection from spreading. If this is against TOS, what would be a good alternative for it?

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Ultimately moderation is fairly dependent on context but if you really feel it’s that gray an area you can think of something else to use or just not include such scenarios at all. Consider contacting DevEngagement for information on the specifics regarding gas and death.

I think you should use some other method of killing the player that isn’t gas. Maybe burning, maybe just sucking all the air out of the chamber.

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Consider using a trapdoor, like maybe everything inside drops into lava.