Would a game with elements or inspiration from existing ones be legal?

I’m planning out a game inspired from Super Mario Galaxy that is centered around various iconic Roblox games (Sword Fight on the Heights, Armored Patrol, The Undead Coming, ect.). I’m not trying to outright copy their gameplay, but instead base level design and characters off them.

I don’t know anything about copyright or legal stuff, so it would be really nice if someone explained why I can/can’t do it. I can go into more detail if you want, I just wanted to set precedence.


Ideas aren’t copyrightable and you are ok to do that as long as you’re not out right ripping Mario Galaxy as well as the Roblox classics off.


But what does ripping off mean? If I make a world that is centered around the theme of SFotH (swords and characters) would I get deleted? I won’t be copying the gameplay exactly, if that makes sense.

Would it still be terrible if I clearly state the game takes place in the Roblox Universe, with worlds that are centered around iconic Roblox games? I know it sounds like I’m going in circles, but I don’t want to spend all this time making stuff only to get banned.

There is a example:
Youtubers that reacts to other youtubers arent banned even though they does the same thing, thats because they arent copying their videos.

Youtubers that copy and paste other youtubers video are banned because they LITERALLY posted the SAME video as them.

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What if every time the player traveled to a world, there is a little header that states what game the world was centered around along with the creator?

Edit: mistake in sentence

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Ripping off a game would be something like:

Same name (unless you are the owner of the original and you are making a sequel), Same features.

Copying their map would be bad, You should try doing a new map but with the same style as it, lets say the style is “Medieval” so you make a Medieval map that is UNIQUE which means YOU made your own.

What if I didn’t copy the map exactly, but made an altered remastered version?

What do you mean with that? As I said you should try doing your own map but if you like the style then do it in that style BUT your own.

(I would make a different map since maybe it can give me problems)

The game “FAME” that is a piggy like used Bakon and will use Piggy characters too in their game,
Basically I don’t think what you want to do is illegal lol

EDIT: Now I don’t encourage that, if you do your own characters it’ll be better tho
If it is only the same game type, there is no prob

What I mean is that the game is made to look like the exact style of real game locations, but expanded into an entire world. So Chaos Canyon wouldn’t be just the exact map, but the whole world.

I would recommend you doing a different map just in case of anything happening.

As long as you don’t use the name, assets, things inside of the game and such you’ll be fine.


I guess I won’t be fine then since the whole game was based around iconic roblox games. Thank you for helping me avoid trouble!

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The Unnnnn… Undead Coming no I must finish before you (I’ve been working on remastering it for the last couple of months),

but seriously, I think if you don’t use characters, names, assets, etc,etc.

you’ll be fine

I LOVE Mario galaxy :heart_eyes:. If you don’t use assets it names from the games then you are good. :+1:

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Unfortunately as another user stated above, I can’t create the game I wanted. But that doesn’t stop me from created a SMG related game in the future :wink:

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