Would a glow like this around interactable objects be possible in Roblox?

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When a user gets near an object that they can interact with, a glow appearing on the said object is helpful as the player then knows that they can interact with it. However, would this be possible to do automatically for any objects? If so, what should I use to get this effect? Thanks in advance!


You can try adding tags to them with CollectionService, or give the glowing objects something that other objects don’t have.

Make a particle emitter that emits a lot of particles that are big in size with no speed and light emission set to relatively high, it will make a similar effect. Another thing you could is to make a model with multiple parts and have particle emitters in each part, in case you find that there is some gaps between particles.

I suppose you could try an inverted mesh with neon material?

I would definitely use particles to get that effect like the comment above a few.

No one has found it yet but that does not mean it’s impossible you will be the first person to find it or make it good luck tho.

I doubt it would be the best solution, but you could attempt use ray casting to attempt to outline the said object.

The best approach would be an inverted mesh. As there’s no sense in having so many particles. Not to mention that ParticleEmitters won’t work if the object isn’t a cube.