Would a Kidnapping Feature Be Against the Terms of Service

Ok, let’s say I have a game. And in this game, you can knock someone out, take them over your shoulder. And after you take them over your shoulder you can open your car trunk and put them in and drive off. Would that be against Roblox ToS?


i know you can do everything up till you talked about putting them in your car trunk, that sounds a bit TOS but i think it also depends on the game. If its literally just about kidnapping then it would probably be against TOS but if its just a feature in a GTA like game then it would probably pass

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There’s literality a story game that’s about children defending themselves from armed thieves breaking into their home.

I think you’re good.

not only children, but adults. adults are ok (are they?)

Well,there is an admin command,which has the kidnapp command,but,i think you should try to not make it too much realistic,as roblox doesnt like traumatic things that actually happened in real life.(I’am not too sure,but from what i remember,this is true.)

This was a bit funny to read haha.

I don’t think you’d be able to get by with that, it’s not exactly appropriate for younger kids.

This is a bit of a gray area, and the rules aren’t super clear about it. This is probably not allowed if your entire game is based around kidnapping, but having it as a side feature in a bigger game would likely be okay. The closest relevant rule is II.2:

For example, experiences within a game should not have an inappropriate theme […] Below is a list of inappropriate behaviors (and please note this list is not comprehensive; you should think through if you are providing or promoting inappropriate behavior):

  • Dangerous, unethical and illegal activities;

So, if your game is themed around kidnapping, you might be in trouble. Having it as a minor feature (like the :kidnap command mentioned in a certain free model admin system) would be alright. My understanding is that games like Jailbreak and Mad City are able to get away with a crime focused theme by also having a law-enforcement option for players, so that may work in your case as well.


There are games about nothing but shooting and killing people and gore too, there are games about robbery and theft. There are lots of violence themes in Roblox games. My understanding as long as its not super violent and real it should be fine, I don’t think Roblox would do anything if it was realistic but they are very unpredictable.

There was a game about this a while back using a knife script to take people hostage by holding it against their neck, this was quickly terminated. So yes I would say this would be against TOS

That what you said,has been said 3 times already…

According to what you have said, Yes it will be against the TOS of roblox if it is really realistic.
Firstly kidnapping is for a bit mature audience and most children will get scared about it.
This will contribute to Violence and Child Abuse since kidnapping is related a lot with children.
You should read the Roblox’s TOS’s Section I, 11 and Section II, 2. It states some points clearly about this type of topic.

I would suggest making it not really realistic and not creepy. The putting in the car trunk is really creepy to think about. Although, I would not go for such an approach but many games have blood gore and violence in them,but roblox is totally fine with them. I have also never seen/played a kidnapping game before and I highly doubt it can be made “kid-friendly” in any way.
This is entirely my opinion and over what I know, the other people those contributed to this topic also have good points, please read theirs too.
Good day.

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But then heists / robberies would not be allowed on roblox (Because heists, and robberies are illegal activities in real life). Which means… bye bye to, entry-point, jailbreak, and mad-city.

These games also don’t feature extremely mature themes such as kidnapping a person and throwing them into the trunk of a car. I’m sure there needs to be a line between these two activities

How can kidnapping be any worse than robberies, and heists then? Kidnapping can be mature depending on how you do it, and the same with robberies, and heists… right?

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Right but these heist games don’t feature anything like hostages or other adult themes afaik. I don’t see how you can make kidnapping less mature than it already is.

There is a Kidnap command in HD Admin, but that is sort of worded differently eg: ;clown (player).
If it was the main feature of the game then it would get [ Content Deleted ], but if it was like a thing in an Admin Panel or Command then it might be alright. Games like Prison Life, Jailbreak and Mad City have robberies, but that is sort of not violent, but Illegal. Plus ROBLOX has Swords for killing and Killing people is Illegal. So I would say that if the kidnapping was in an Admin Panel or Admin Command it would be alright as it’s a tiny thing.

Did you read my whole post? I’m not Roblox staff, so I could be wrong, but I did mention exactly this.


There are games like the streets where you can knock someone out and drag their unconscious body wherever you want.

Though the game isn’t specifically about that, it is still extremely close to which you mentioned, and unlike Mad City and Jailbreak is entirely crime focused.

but if you want my opinion, I’d say don’t do it.

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I am pretty sure that would drive little johnnys parents mad! I would not. Jailbreak and Mad city are only kept on cuz parents like it. Kidnapping is just to not kid friendly! I would hate that. Streets should be off!