Would a scaled-down public transport simulator be allowed in Roblox?

Hello… I think this may seem like a question with a simple answer: yes.

But actually I would like to know in depth how much Roblox could affect in terms of:

  • License plates and bus identification
  • Addresses (names of streets and places, etc.)
  • And other visible aspects of a real integrated public transport system in a city.

Images of the Bogotá system, which we seek to recreate in Roblox:

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Personally, I’d feel like Roblox doesn’t really care if you make a type of game, but I think you’d should make make-up names like “Blox Street” or “BloxTransport Co” to avoid copyright issues I guess.

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Real life street names and license plate designs are allowed. Example of these being allowed is Greenville. However names of companies should be made up like what Krip said.

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