Would a system similar to Supercell ID be allowed?

For those of you who don’t know, Supercell ID is a system in Supercell games which allows you to save your data with Supercell. It is saved by your email, so you enter your email to get your data on another device.

I am wondering if this would be allowed on Roblox. I would not ask for an email, but I would be asking for a custom username and password (independent of the Roblox account). It would allow them to put those details on any account to load their data. This would be useful for youtubers using alt accounts or people who have been falsely banned.

It would have a message on sign up saying to not use your Roblox username and password. Would this be enough? Would it be allowed in the first place?

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So this is like the PIN on those arcade racing game right? What if you generated a three word code for them upon request? That way, no excess codes are wasted for those who don’t care, but people who generate them will probably have the wits to write down three words somewhere safe and use them to unlock their data on other games or accounts. Otherwise I think it’s kind of pushing it.


That sounds like a good solution, and I could implement anti-brute forcing things. Thanks!

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I really like @Ty_Scripts reply, and think that would work perfect.

This may be a bit too far, but I would also ensure you refrain from using words like “username” or “password” as this could confuse players or even Roblox and end up with your game getting terminated due to asking for passwords, etc. I would suggest using words like “code”.

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