Would accessing the device IP through http service to prevent alternative accounts break the Terms Of Service?

Quote from the roblox TOS:

With respect to an Experience created by a Creator, Creator and Roblox both have the right to use data related to or obtained in connection with that Experience for their respective legitimate internal business purposes to support the Experience and for business analytics, such as: (i) for the improvement and development of the Experience; (ii) to comply with applicable laws (including law enforcement requests); (iii) to ensure the security of the Experience; and, (iv) to prevent fraud or mitigate risk. Creator agrees that, except as expressly set forth in these Creator Terms, Creator will not use or disclose any User data.

Would using httprequests to get the players device IP and prevent alternative accounts count as any of the points from i to iv?

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Yes as that is personal data. If you don’t want alts, just make sure the acc is old, verified and potentially is premium or have robux.

And IP can be easily changed

Ok, thank you for your response!

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You can’t even get someone’s ip with HttpService… The reason it returns yours in studio is because studio runs on your pc

well, you could.
by connecting an external website to the server and making them go to it, httpservice will be able to request for the IP of the user, although this is probably a bad way of doing it it would work.

You cant access the ip of a user. HttpService is not enabled on the client. That would be a major security flaw if you could. You can only get the ip of the server. So this would not even work.